Thursday, March 9, 2017

More dog owners name their pets after this food than any other food.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Married ladies, do you get on your husband's nerves? Take this simple test and find out!
  1. Have you told your husband that you wished he made more money?
  2. Do you frequently remind your husband to pick up after himself?
  3. Do you dislike your husband's family or close friends and tell him about it?
  4. Do you frequently criticize your husband for his bad habits?
  5. Do you contradict your husband in front of the children or your friends?
  6. When you and your husband are with others, do you ever "joke" about him being less than romantic?
  7. Do you tell your husband that he rarely lifts a hand to help you?
  8. Have you told your husband that you wish he could be more like your father or some other man you admire?
  9. Do you frequently remind your husband not to eat certain foods or to not touch food items in the refrigerator?
  10. If you know something is bothering your husband, do you force him to talk?

To find out whether you irritate your husband, add your "yes" answers, then check your total against the scoring key below.
  • 0-3 You're an easy woman to live with and probably don't irritate your man.
  • 4-6 You tend to irritate your mate, but you can improve simply by taking a close look at the questions you answered with a "yes," then changing those things.
  • 7-10 You are a nag! You definitely irritate your husband. Even if you feel that he is the one annoying you, it's time to take a look at your own part in the unpleasantness. You will eventually drive your man away!
The Stalling No
Try this technique if you're the type who tends to get carried away by the enthusiasm of the person making the request. You say yes only to realize when you walk away that you really wish you hadn't agreed. Instead, play for time by saying, "Wow, that sounds fun or interesting. But I need to check my calendar or with my husband who may have made plans for us/think about that because I'm not sure I can manage it. Let me get back to you," advises communication expert Judith Selle McClure, Ph.D. Then, when you've had a day or so to think it over, get back in touch with the persona and use one of the methods listed below to say no.

The Partial No
This method is a good compromise if you don't feel right delivering a blanket "no" to someone. It allows you to help someone out, but on your own terms, says stress expert David Posen, M.D. Example: "Gee, I sure can't lick envelopes all day, but I can from 9 to 10."

The Pronto No
A short explanation for your refusal as in, "... because I have to help my sister out that day" - makes your busyness sound more genuine, says McClure. But cut yourself off quickly; a long-winded explanation will only annoy the other person. Besides, she might suspect that your over explaining is a cover-up and that you're not really tired up at all.

The Wistful No
You'll like this tactic if you're naturally effusive and eager to show people how helpful you wish you could be if there were 10 of you. It's also perfect if you want to leave the door open for the person to ask you for some help in the future, says Posen. Example; "Oh, I wish that I could watch your kids today. They're so cute and I always have a great time with them. But I'm sorry - I just can't."

The Empathetic No
If you pride yourself on maintaining a strong emotional connection with people, says McClure, this strategy allows you to have your cake and eat it too. You show the asker how I-feel-your-pain in sync you are with her even as you're turning her down, okay, yes, this strategy is a little manipulative. Example; "I can see that you really need someone to water your potted plants while you're away in the month of August. I know that these plants mean a lot to you. Unfortunately, I'm just too busy at that time to take care of them properly."

The Stealth No
If you get really nervous at the thought of turning someone down face-to-face, use this technique. Simply call at time when you're pretty sure she won't be home, and leave a polite message expressing your regrets on her answering machine. You might want to write out your "script" ahead of time, so you don't trip over your words. This prep work will be even more crucial if she happens to pick up the phone.

The Sympathy-Card No
If you've overwhelmed with obligations, exhaustion, you name it, and you're comfortable letting everyone know that, go for this tactic. They may walk away feeling sorry for you after you've said something like, "I'd help you, but I'm just swamped these days. I can barely keep milk in the fridge." And they'll think twice before bugging you again.

A new study says you can guess this about a person 1 out of 4 times just by looking at them?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

(Men's Health) Beer. Sports. Wings. What could possibly go wrong? Use these tips to navigate the madness of tournament season:

Win free beer
Hold out your hand and ask your buddy how many fingers he seesHe'll say 10. Then ask how many fingers are on 10 hands. He'll likely say 100. The correct answer is 50. Proof that booze and man never, ever mix.

Get drinks quick
Busy bartenders make split-second decisions about who to serve next, says Jim Meehan of the New York City bar PDT, and it's not the guy who's yelling the loudest. Use the same techniques you'd use to get a friend's attention: Make eye contact and smile. The bartender will see you as accommodating, not demanding.

Avoid long lines
There's time to be the cool guy who shows up late to the party, but this isn't it. Do your homework. Use the "popular times" feature on Google Maps to see when a place is busiest. "Plan to arrive an hour before the peak period," says Tad Carducci of the beverage consulting company Tippling Bros.

Don't belly up
Your first impulse may be to sit as close to the bar as possible. You gotta be near the beer, man. But beware of waistline peril: Cornell researchers found that people who sit within two tables of the bartender have three more alcoholic drinks, on average, than those who sit three tables away.

Score food sooner
What are they doing back there, milking cows for nacho cheese? Don't blame the kitchen, says Carducci. Everyone's orders during the game, especially between periods. If you want fast service, order drinks first, which opens your ticket. But before the drinks arrive, add an appetizer and entree to the tab. This should fast-track your food before other orders.

Defuse a drunk
Handle a boozer with the calm rationality of bartender. "My first response is to acknowledge the way someone feels," says Meehan. Tell him you're sorry he's upset and leave it at that. Don't engage. If things escalate the manager can give the belligerent brute the boot.

Monday, February 27, 2017

25 percent of people spend more time doing this at the gym than exercising. What is it?

Friday, February 24, 2017

  • A Walking Dead t-shirt has been pulled from stores because of complaints that it is racist. What was on it? Negan's bat and the words "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo."
  • Pope Francis delivered another criticism of some members of his own Church on Thursday, suggesting it is better to be an atheist than one of "many" Catholics who he said lead a hypocritical double life.
  • Andrew Ridgely went on stage at the Brit Awards and gave a musical tribute to his former bandmate, George Michael.
  • In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, NASA is going to take the Apollo 11 space capsule -- the one that was on the moon -- on a two year tour, visiting museums in Houston, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Seattle.
  • A federal judge has blocked the law in Fort Collins, Colorado, that makes it illegal for women to be topless.
  • A restaurant in New York has started selling a so-called "New Yorker milkshake" which comes topped with whipped cream and a slice of cheesecake.
  • For those of you keeping score at home, Donald Trump has gone golfing six times in his first 30 days as president.
  • The Houston Police Department says the thief who stole Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey is facing anywhere from 5-to-99 years in prison along with a $10,000 fine.
  • Colorado is considering a bill that would allow legal pot deliveries.
  • Simon Cowell is said to have spent $12,000 on his son's third birthday party.
  • A woman named Cressida Dick will be the first female to lead Britain's famous Scotland Yard.
  • FOX News channel's Alan Colmes passed away after a brief illness. He was just 66 years old. For years, he was half of the Hannity/Colmes show.
  • A student activist group at the University of Michigan is demanding campus officials provide them with "a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work." In short -- no whites allowed.
  • Google has launched a robo-tool to help flag hate-speech online.